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Mary Grabar
About Mary Grabar
I am a writer and college English teacher, whose parents escaped from Slovenia in 1959 and spent a year in a refugee camp in Austria. We immigrated to Rochester, New York, when I was two. My views have been formed by experiences as an immigrant during the racial violence in Rochester in the 1960s and then at my alma mater, Benjamin Franklin Junior-Senior High School. I tried to be a liberal, but then quickly realized that it was an exclusive club. My conversion to conservatism was cinched when I returned to school in the master's program in English in the 1990's. In spite of the hostility of most of the faculty and the torture of having to wade through postmodern nonsense, I earned my Ph.D. from the University of Georgia in 2002.
Mary (Marica) Grabar
at age 12.
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